Web3Games Studio Presents

Guardians of Arcanum

Multiplayer battle arena with Tower defence and Collectible NFT cards!

Game Overview

A tower defense game that calls on your intelligence.

Fight, for Arcanum! Use tactics and strategies to defend your home tower from enemies and protect the legendary Seed of Arcanum. You can choose different characters and assemble your team to resist enemy attacks. This easy-to-play game is fun for all ages!

Key Features

The intergalactic adventures are back with a bang in Guardians of Arcanum: Rift Apart.

Protecting Arcanum

Choose from dozens of classes and traits to build your team; combine skills and characters strategically to defeat attacking enemies, gain more resources, upgrade your defenses, and make your home indestructible!

Exploring New World

Explore the unknown world, seek more challenges and discover the power of Arcanum. Amazing ventures await in this magical land!

Random Challenges

Malevolent guardians claim to defend the land, but plan on seizing the Seed of Arcanum for themselves. Defeat these foes to gain resources and experience from each battle and use these to upgrade your team!

Friends and foe

Meet the cast

Learn more about the friends (and foe) of this inter-dimensional adventure below.

Steadyfast and hardy, Mountain Summoners can call upon near-indestructible tanks to aid them in battle.

NFT Item

Play to earn your NFT items and sell them on the marketplace to make profits.