KK Chen

KK Chen

Software developer and product designer for 10+ years. Founder of multiple blockchain media, communities and play-to-earn game guilds in Asia. Fomer EBay full stack software engineer. Founded an e-commerce platform which raised 2m+ USD and was later acquired. Winner of AngelHack and TechCrunch hackathons.

Max Luk

Max Luk

All-rounded tech lead. Former Rocket Internet software engineer. 5+ years experience in programming distributed web applications and now writing smart contracts on Solidity.

Winter Lo

Winter Lo

Former IBM software engineer and product manager. 6+ years in commercial project management and digitizing banking systems. Crypto enthusiast since 2014.

Founding Team

HowardSoftware EngineerFormer HSBC
HenrySoftware EngineerPolkadot Tech Ambassador
XueshanSoftware Engineer
SeanCommunity Lead
BenjaminOperationFormer KPMG
KiroOperationFormer ArkStream Capital
CocoGame Designer
SusanGame Designer
ChristyUIUX Designer

Team Awards

Developers Choice Award

1st Official Polkadot Hackathon

Commercial Excellence Award

Hello Layer 2! Let's roll up! Ethereum Hackathon