Transforming a new generation of gameplay and digital content

An Integrated Platform for ALL THINGS BLOCKCHAIN Gaming.

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Our Vision

From conceptualization, creation, to community. Our ecosystem is one where players, developers, creators and investors alike can come together and partake.

We are building a community-driven ecosystem for playing, creating, and all things blockchain games in one unique gaming platform.

Web3Games Protocol

Transforming and decentralizing traditional games

An API-as-a-service protocol for gaming companies to integrate with blockchain. Game developers can seamlessly access and distribute blockchain access such as NFTs and gaming tokens.


Player ID

With Player ID, users can connect all the wallet in the Web3Games portal and just login with email + password or ID private keys in any mobile devices or VR devices.


Token Distributor

We provide the token distributor API so game companies can directly distribute the reward tokens without integrating with blockchain APIs, hosting blockchain nodes or working with custodies.

Web3Games Portal

Unlocking your digital world

A versatile blockchain gaming portal with multi-chain launchpad (Ethereum, NEAR, Solana) and interactive facilities designed fr the gaming market.

Player Decentralized Identifier (DID)

Create verifiable and globally unique digital identities

Initial Game Offerings (IGO)

Launch initial sales for gaming tokens

Initial NFT Offerings (INO)

Launch initial sales for genesis game NFTs

Game Token Swap

Support in-game token exchanges between multiple metaverses

NFT Marketplace

Connect artists, creators, and crypto enthusiasts using digital ownership

NFT Lending

Enables play-to-earn gaming guild lending operation and opens the NFT lending market

Web3Games Studios

Building with insightful and experienced developers

A hub for fostering up-and-coming blockchain games and digital culture. Current portfolio includes game dev teams with extensive background in producing virtual games Call of Duty and Diablo, amongst others, who are now building play-to-earn blockchain games.

Crypto Empire

CryptoEmpire is a NFT trading card game based on real-time cryptocurrency markets. Players battle each other with four-card decks, where each NFT card is tied to its real-time token price. The strength of card combinations are calculated based on prices of the blockchain token at time of battle, and the player with a higher "attack value" wins the match.

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Empowered by secondary markets outside of the game, Constellation facilitates the unconventional crossing over of NFTs from different chains in one space. Astronauts (players) curate their own spacecraft using digital assets and collectibles, and can visit neighboring stars in the galaxy to explore other spacecraft.

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Web3Games Chain

Enabling incentivized playing and true player ownership

A Substrate-based solution for faster, secure blockchain gaming with lower transaction costs.

Web3Games Testnet

Substrate-based blockchain

Web3Games Chain is based on Substrate framework and we developed a lot gaming related frames (pallets) to optimise for supporting the blockchain gaming experience. It includes player DID, gaming token swap, NFT swap and lending.

EVM compatibility

Web3Games Chain includes an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible which existing solidity developers can build or migrate the current codes into Web3Games Chain seamlessly.



Q4 2021

W3G Fund Raising

W3G Token Public sale

Portal (beta) goes live

IGO Feature

Player DID

Q1 2022

Portal release new feature

Game Token Swap

NFT Marketplace

Protocol SDK (beta) goes live

Chain stage 1 ready


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